Not in our backyard!

Advocates For Freedom is dedicated to ending the exploitation, sale and enslavement of men, women and children.  Through awareness and education, AFF has been leading the way to stop Human Trafficking throughout Mississippi and beyond. We want to inspire you to "look beneath the surface" and help find solutions to end this modern-day form of slavery - one life at a time!

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The 3 Pillars of Advocates For Freedom

Join us in the fight against Modern Day Slavery!

Pillar #1


We believe that Awareness is the first step to rescuing victims.  Traveling the State of Mississippi, our team shares information, provides encouragement, and empowers people to help end human trafficking.

Pillar #2


Education is key.  AFF has developed and is sharing age-appropriate educational materials with schools and in classrooms statewide. We work closely with and provide training to law enforcement and other related agencies

Pillar #3


It takes a community. AFF is collaborating with others across the state in the areas of government, law enforcement, businesses, medical, education, churches, non-profits and others. Together, we are making a difference!

AFF Strategic Regions


Gulf Coast Region

(covering the MS Gulf Coast)


Pinebelt Region

(covering South Central MS)

HERO 2_Getty_Jackson_WEB72DPI

Metro Region

(covering Jackson and Central MS)


Crossroads Region

(covering Northeast)


Tri-State Region

(covering Northwest MS, Southwest TN, Southeast AR)


Gulf Bay Area Region

(covering South AL and the FL Panhandle)


Blue Ribbon Pins

Be the voice for Human Trafficking victims and survivors by wearing this Blue Ribbon push-through lapel pin. Each Pin comes on a Conversation Card, filled with info and stats that you can share with your circle of friends and colleagues, to get the conversation started. The Blue Ribbon Pin Campaign is sweeping the nation, as we stand in solidarity against the cruelty of trafficking in human life, a crime that knows no age, income, color, creed or class.

All proceeds go directly to aiding our victims” to “Proceeds are making a difference!


Join The Freedom Club today!

Join our FREEDOM CLUB and become an Advocate For Freedom!  By supporting AFF financially, you are directly bringing awareness and providing resources to victims of human trafficking